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Beware! The Ides of March

The 15th March was Julius Caesar's most unluckiest day. It was the day he was stabbed to death. Some people are still superstitious over this day - so take care ... be safe.

Note: William Shakespeare made this popular when he wrote a play called Julius Caesar which dramatised the scene around the Ides of March and the death of Caesar.


connstanzaa said...

Eyy Thank.
I'm from Argentina.I like the pictures.Do you like the cats? She's so cute.
Well, bye bye friend.
See you later.


connstanzaa said...

Eyy thank.
Im from Argentina.
I like the pictures. Do you like the cats?
She's so cute.
Well, bye bye friend
Be Back Later

Times Eye said...

Thats 1000 years ago

Heather said...

If you have not seen the HBO TV series 'Rome', you should see it. It is very beautifuly done...the lights, the costumes, the videographers are amazing. Every frame could be it's own photograph.