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Weather forecast - storm battle

Yesterday it became apparent that we were in for heavy storms and violent winds with gusts between 70 and 80 miles per hour. The worst affected areas would be in the west and south of Britain. I looked at the maps that kept appearing at the end of news items and saw that the line that they had drawn for this bombardment of wind and rain was well in the area where I live.

During the night you could hear the rattling of items outside and the sound of heavy rainfall but to my relief in the morning it had quelled quite a lot. However, we were more fortunate than some. In parts of Wales in coastal areas the wind and waves were very violent. There has been flooding in some areas, power lines are down in a few districts and there are currently warnings advising people not to take to the roads.

There is more bad weather due later on.


terezinha bordignon said...


Não sei quem é você, mas vim agradecer sua visita e seu comentário em meu blog. Eu também gostei de seu blog. Eu também adorei as fotos do sapinho de seu jardim.

Um abraço.

LeenaM said...

I have seen photos about your storm from BBC:n sites and TV of course.
It seems to be horrible, hopefully next night`s storm is not as bad!
You have very fine blog here, I put your address to my Google Reader.
We have lived over 30 years ago in Scotland 11 months ( in small village Kinmuck near Aberdeen ) and I have a feeling now, that every day was windy day :)

Thank you for your visit on my site.

David said...

i hope you don't get hit too hard by the storm. you have a nice blog here. I will see more later.


David Webb: Photographer

FriedClyde said...

Its lovely to meet another nature lover :)

I love the anthills snails, the photography section is not yet up on my blog. But ull find a lot of related pics once i do it....

I dont know when :) Keep up with the rambles!

KieutiePie said...

Ooooh sounds scary! ={