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"White Rabbits!"

It's the first day of May, May 1st, May Day. The first day of the month is greeted by many in the British Isles with the words "white rabbits" as the first words spoken on the first day of each month. This tradition of eccentricity varies some only say it when there is an 'r' in the month, while others say it three times when there is an 'r' in the month and just once during the summer months when there are no 'r's.

Sayings for May

"Cast not a clout ~ until May is out." - This refers to a warning - not changing into summer clothes until the May blossom on the hawthorn is in flower - to protect against chills and other ailments.

"Never shear the sheep in May or they'll be sheared all away." - May often has several very cool days.

Traditionally it is the time for the Maypole - when children would perform complex dance patterns whilst holding colourful long ribbons that would form a plait down the pole - then the dance continued as the plait was unravelled. The tallest Maypole in the British Isles once stood in London where it remained until being chopped down in 1717. It is said that this pole was used by Sir Isaac Newton when a large pole was needed to support a new reflecting telescope.

On another note ... poor people often used to eat rabbits years ago but if rabbit meat is not supplemented with a variety of vegetables and occasional grain then malnutrition occurs and a swift death.
We need certain nutrients to process our food and aid digestion - this is so that we can extract vitamins and minerals, etc and expel the waste product through the bowel. Unlike other meat, rabbit meat doesn't contain the necessary nutrients to aid this process - our body has to deplete its own valuable resources of nutrients to dispose of the rabbit meat. Thus causing eventual starvation.

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