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Action - apiary

It has often been said - that one day insects will rule the world. They are surely the most industrious of creatures. If you ever watch them they are nearly always busy - either building something, carrying something, pushing something or flying from flower to flower pollinating our world. There is a magic about their activity - they work together for the benefit of all. This seems to be something that man has long since forgotten how to do. If you ever have the time - take a brief moment and and watch the insects.

Last year I discovered 'the leaf cutter bee' - I had never seen one before until it began to build a nest in my little insect house. This year, to my surprise - the bees have returned!

After purchasing my insect house, it had remained empty for so long, I thought that it had been a total waste of money then, in the spring of last year, my interest was aroused when I noticed one or two of the bamboo canes that make up the top half of it apparently filled with mud. At this time, I never found out what small creature had sealed up these canes - but now, at last, I know.

Just over three weeks ago the beautiful bees returned - four of them - and started buzzing up to the holes, briefly touching them then flying off. This carried on for at least a week and then they began to clean out the holes with a type of sawing action of their small but apparently powerful jaws. Debris was shifted out at a fast rate leaving the canes looking neat and relatively clean. Then they started flying to and from the holes very carefully choosing specific ones. Lastly the holes have been sealed with what looks like a type of clay or mud. Although I saw the canes blocked with mud last year I watch as they began to chew circles in my rose leaves and fuchsia plants, etc so I never placed the sealed canes with bee action - I thought that the holes sealed with mud must have been done by a different insect - but now I know this appears to be the first phase of the leaf cutter bee nursery!


feefifoto said...

I optimistically installed a bat house on my garage and the only thing that ever nested there was a family of wasps. Lucky you to get something more useful.

I've always been fascinated by bees and sometimes I fantasize about getting my own hives but I know it's way more work than I think, so so far I haven't had the courage to try.

DineometerDeb said...

This is off topic for your post but, I just happen to click through to your blog from the ad and I had just been reading a post from you in the Entrecard forum about Penalties. I had been reluctant to drop for a few days due to this, but they assured me the bug was fixed. You are supposed to click on invisible cards apparently (????)

Anonymous said...

Bug house never heard of such a think, but looking at the photo I think I'll try my hand at building 1 or 2 for the area near my front porch.

MamaFlo said...

This is the neatest contraption I've ever come across. I've never seen one in the states.