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When I was very young, I lived next door to a lovely lady who was a ward sister in a TB hospital. It is difficult to image now how whole hospitals were allocated to treat one disease. Tuberculosis was a killer, virtually untreatable until anti-biotics were brought in. People were actively encouraged to breath in fresh air. Whole wards of people were warmly wrapped in blankets and placed outside - it was felt that fresh air could help to heal the badly scarred lungs of the sufferer and kill off some of the germs. Before the twentieth century the disease was often called consumption. Usually people that contracted TB became very thin and weak and eventually begin to cough up blood. It was and still is an extremely infectious disease.
Note: It has long been known that fresh air has anti-bacterial and sterilisation properties - it also helps to make people, animals and items of clothing smell fresh and sweet. Enjoy fresh air - it's free!


Solomon said...

TB hospitals used to be built next to Pine forests. The antibacterial effect of the sap was thought to have a beneficial effect on the patients.

Kloggers said...
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Kloggers said...

That is useful information Solomon - I didn't know that. This is the second time that I have typed this - mis-spelt your name first time around. :)