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Green garden

Although Wood Sorrel is a wild flower, I find it quite an attractive plant having a leaf similar to clover and a pretty white flower with a suggestion of a faint pink stripe. The plant above is in a medium size pot and sits outside my back door for luck.
I am not certain why, but I have always loved ferns. This particular specimen grows behind the garden pond. The leaves are currently quite young but in a month or two will be stretched out to their full limit a good few feet. There are fossilised ferns that date back over 400 million years ago, so they must be one of the most successful of plants that has ever lived on our planet. It is believed that there are currently well over 12,000 different types of ferns . . .


MamaFlo said...

Oh My! I love ferns too! Most of the time their fonds are so light and feathery and there are so many different varieties and most of them are fast growers so you are able to enjoy their full beauty for longer.

julia said...

Love you entrecard logo I can't figure out how to get a photo from my computer to fit the 125x125 format. Looks like you did it..Would you be willing to tell me how? You can respond here or contact me on my blog
thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to be able to grow such a large assortment of plants. It's still May and most every day we are hitting 95F plus degrees, I think that about 35C, our rain season has come to an end and soon it will start getting hot!qahhre