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Blooms and blossoms have arrived!

Purple lilac
It has taken nine full years for my purple lilac bush to reach this stage and honour me with four handsome blossoms. How patient a gardener must be - but looking at the blossoms close-up and smelling the sweet unmistakable perfume ... it has been worth the wait.
Bramley apple blossom Sweeter than the flowers of may
The apple blossom rules the day -
And then the petals float away ...
To leave distant haunting perfumes
Drifting through cupboards and rooms.
I am reminded of the fairest face,
A lady that is drenched with grace.


Pobept said...

I to like lilac's. After this length of tile they should be covered in blooms. Maybe it's your pruning or lack there of is the problem. Check out the link below for some general, but useful growing information. Great blog, keep on keeping on..


MamaFlo said...

And beautiful they are!!
I love the weather until it gets hot.


Your flowers are beautiful! I am going to have to check out this twitter thing. I have heard a lot about it. Thanks!

Kats Big Fish said...

what pretty flowers!

New to blogging and came across yours. Looking forward to reading more!

Saw the frogs on your blog and it caught my eye! I love frogs!

Laurie said...


Thanks for visiting my blog, earlier, and commenting on the late winter photos.

You have wonderful photos! Lilacs have such a scent. I live in Nova Scotia, and my lilac bush is still about two weeks away from blooming. It's a very old bush that is about forty feet in length. It has been around for at least 80 years, and grows along the stonewall bordering the road.

I'll post some pictures on my blog, when it blooms.

All the best,

Grandy said...

I'm likin' the flowers. :)

Flo said...

Beautiful flowers. Nine years is a long time. You must have the patience of Job :)