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“Crackin' cheese, Gromit?”

As a child, I was brought up on Cheddar cheese … whether it was in a salad, served on a sandwich with some Branston pickle (for those who have never tried it, this is a very sweet pickle and usually a child’s first introduction apart from tomato ketchup/tomato sauce into a food item that contains vinegar) or in a ploughman’s lunch (thickly cut white bread liberally spread with butter, layered with slices of Cheddar cheese and Spanish onion). However, my maternal Grandma loved all kinds of cheeses and so I would, on occasion try out something more exotic. It was not until quite recently with Wallace & Gromit arriving on our screens was I tempted into trying Wensleydale cheese. It is very light and creamy and last weekend I discovered the very height of luxury …

Wensleydale with mango and ginger … I cannot describe how lovely this particular cheese is … other than to say it could replace the ultimate pudding! Will I be tempted to purchase some more? … Well yes I will. I bought my Wensleydale from Sainsbury’s Deli counter. It is reasonably priced and the beauty of purchasing it from the Deil counter means that you are able to buy just a small slither to try it … I must admit I bought more than a small slither!


Blazing Minds said...

I love cheese, always have done, the only thing is, it's so fattening so it has to be eaten in moderation, ever tried eating cheese in moderation when your a cheese-a-holic LOL

Chinaren said...

Man, I hear you about the cheese. It's not easy to get cheese here in China and I miss it!

Windmill said...

Oooo Polly!

I lurrrrv Cheddar.

In fact at a single seating I can finish a whole pack of Cheddar. lol!

And I lurrrrv to have slices of Cheddar baked on top of bread or Cracker biscuits.

Oh dear, now my appetite's astir.

YummY! said...

I've not had many cheeses outside of Cheddar and Cottage.

Shinade said...

oh I love cheese too. And I love cheese sandwiches also.

I have not heard of this particular brand.

It may be only available in the UK. But, I will most definitely look for it.

Hopefully, I am fixed now. I am trying to get drops in today for the first time in over a week.

I don't fully understand the update today and how everything is going to work.

But, for now I am staying and once again going to try to get myself back up top.

Thanks so much Polly for hanging in there with me....this truly has been a nightmare for me.

And I so hope you are able to get pictures of your frogs!!


P.S. I am clicking through...but, they say even though click throughs are being counted...we can't see them on our profile.:-)

Walk in the Woods said...

Earlier this month my spouse and I celebrated our 22/32nd anniversary and part of that included a bit of Stilton and Wensleydale ... and a toast to love and "crackin' good cheese!"


Shinade said...

I just had to rush over and let you know that Tammy is named after those movies.

She is especially named after the ones which starred Sandra Dee. I was a big fan.

It is a small world. Also in regards to your cheese.

I found some of the most delicious cheese I have ever eaten while in Maine last year at a specialty shop.

It was a sharp cheddar with horseradish and simply out of this world.

I can't remember the name. but, if I can find out for you I will.

I just know you will love it!

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Hi Polly. I just love cheese. With pickles or chutney or mustard or fruit. The rest of the world can have their disgusting doughnuts and pastries and sweet things, but give me cheese! Different varieties here in Oz, but who cares?

sunshine smile said...

hey there.. love cheddar cheese too! EC drop here.... care to x-links please?

LadyBanana said...

Ohh I love cheese as well, maybe even more than chocolate :)

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Cheese is one of my vices. I love the stuff. I've tried Wensleydale many times - love the taste but a little too crumbly for me.

I think I eat to much cheese actually. I think I was a mouse in a previous life ...