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Red to yellow dandelion

Finally by mid afternoon the rogue dandelion that started its life as red or russet buds changed to the more recognisable bright sunshine yellow!

Dandelion 25.02.2009

The dandelion in the border as it first began to open up in February – red or russet in colour


Dandelion from red to yellow 03.02.2009

Red to yellow dandelion 03.02.2009.1

The same dandelion in the border – first picture taken on Monday the second picture taken late afternoon today


It was worth leaving it in the border just to make sure that this was a normal dandelion – it could have been a new variety, perhaps deep orange, russet or red triggered by the change in the climate. Many frogs have taken on a red hue which some naturalists believe is due to the warmer conditions we have been experiencing.


Red frog taken in back gardenThis is a picture of a red frog sitting in my pond


Rhonda said...

That's pretty crazy, I've never seen a red frog before! I wish it was warm enough here for things to be blooming... SOON though! :D

Shinade said...

Hi Polly,
What a fantastic picture of your little frog. Oh my and you are getting dandelions too. Does this mean that your weather is getting warmer over there?

Wow forgive me for being absent for a couple of days. But, I have just been so tired lately.

I shut down way early yesterday and spent the afternoon with my pets. I slept for 12 hours straight.

Now, I am pouring the coffee down to try to get going again.

I hope you are having a marvelous day!!