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Catkin fever

It may not be a sign that our planet is surging forward and changing at a speed that is frightening to those who open their eyes to the changes in nature … but this year is heralding some major changes that are affecting both people and animals. Catkin fever or early hay fever has arrived weeks before it was due. Caused by the pollen of the birch tree blossom which looks like small tails hanging from the trees. This year not only have these blossoms opened up extra early but they look as though they have been dipped in pollen and with every slight breeze or movement from birds landing on or flying off from branches -clouds of it spirals upwards into the atmosphere. Every morning and evening the pollen slowly descends and sprinkles itself everywhere …

These minute particles cause eyes to stream, sometime becoming itchy. Often this follows with fits of sneezing.

More people than ever are feeling the affects of catkin fever this year … best solution … if possible purchase some local honey made from birch blossom and take a teaspoonful every day. Try not to take coats too far into the house as the pollen is easily transferred. Wash hair and put towels directly for washing – do not get the towel that you have used to dry your hair near your face. Be careful not to take outdoor wear into bedrooms! Some people swear that using a tiny smear of petroleum jelly around the nostrils prevents much of the pollen from being breathed in.

100_1116Twilight at Arrow Valley Lake, Redditch in Worcestershire ... view of the lake and lake house in the distance, the feeding platform and some Silver Birch catkins in the foreground


Shinade said...

Polly you had me rolling last night with the first part of your comment.

I answered by saying that this is my life in real time too!!

Wow I know some might be suffering from the pollen but I bet you are glad to be warming up.

Fantastic about your frogs and I did not know about frogs and The Elizabethan time period.

I do know that in the deep southern regions of the U.S. frog legs are considered a fantastic meal.....yuck I say but Walter loves them.

I just wonder if that drifted over from England...this eating and enjoying the poor frogs?

I have yet another wonderland going...so there are more surprises that await you!!

Happy evening!!


Darin said...

Hmm, it sounds scary..catkin causing itchy?

Carole said...

That is really interesting and some good tips. Luckily where I live there are not many birch, but soon there will be plenty of other flora blooming and spreading their pollen. The vaseline under the nostrils sounds like a good idea, I'll have to try that!

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Sorry about everyone's sniffles - we get hay fever here from the wattles in spring! Maybe the flowers are so prolific because it's madly trying to reproduce? More than usual? Is it warmer than usual at this time of year? Just wondering.

Laane said...

It's terrible this year here too, but the pollen started to irritate 6 weeks later than last year.

Here the willow is fluffing too, and I'm very allergic to those pollen, so I never know whether it's Catkin too which makes me feel rotten.

Well, I assume it'll be over soon.
Then the normal hayfever will start, followed by the allergies of later summer.

Michele said...

I'm glad that I found your blog. I had never heard of Catkin fever. You can learn something new everyday. :)


Shinade said...

Hi Polly,
Well I'm finally back. Wow I spent an entire 24 hours away from the PC and just with my hubby.

It was nice but now I am so far behind!!!

I asked Walter about your frogs. He grew up in the country and has seen frogs breeding many times.

But, never as you described. But, my if you see my post today you will find our ducks are breeding like mad hatters too this year.