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Onwards, onwards move the hours

At 1.00 am on Sunday morning the clocks move forward by one hour … and British Summertime begins, at last. I have always loved the notion of the movement of the clock hands and both my mind and body welcome the change. It would enthral me as a child each Springtime how suddenly March would steal away an hour and the end of every October we gained an extra hour in bed!

What a bargain … for British Summertime gives us seven whole months of this forward hour … and once our bodies begin to cry for the lie (the extra time in bed … when the bed pulls us back under the covers) it’s time for the clocks to once more go backwards and we get the extra time in bed!

“Forwards, forwards march to the sun,

Backwards, backwards Winter’s begun.” Anon



Shinade said...

I have never heard that saying Polly and it's lovely.

Darin said...

Hmm summertime.. Interesting season when we here in tropical country lived with just two seasons. And now, it rain and rain and rain.. :(

Bram said...

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