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Spotify = free music

I had heard mutterings about access to free music with no strings attached for quite a while … but thought it’s probably illegal … to find out that it isn’t is wonderful for someone like me who likes all types of music. Spotify offers well over FOUR MILLION SONGS by all different artists free to listen to on your PC. Is there a downside? Well only one little one and that is an advertisement that is run for just over a minute once every twenty-five minutes.


It gives its customers the option to either buy one day for $1 – presumably if they were using the station for the purposes of a party or if they really can’t stand adverts then they can pay a small fee to listen to their own choice of music without interruption.

*I personally don’t mind the one-off advert and the free music and this is surely the future in music downloads and certainly better than worrying about whether the music that is being listened to may not be illegal.


Izzy Daniels said...

wow that sounds kind of tight, I might have to check it out

LadyBanana said...

I've been using this for the last week now and I love it, I was going to blog about it but you beat me to it...lol

I also love the way it scrobbles music to my LastFm account so all I listen to updates in the widget on my blog

heidi said...

That sounds great! I am so glad you mentioned it so I can take a look@

Dendy Darin said...

it sound intersesting, but unfortunately the application is not available in my country..(yet?).

lunaticg said...

Free music?
Thats cool!
Thank you for sharing your info about this site. I also don't mind hearing some ads in my music.