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Garden cover

In this third month of 2009 it must be noted that the garden has changed slightly from just a few years ago. Some plants relish the change in the weather patterns whilst others are apparently left struggling. One that has definitely not become shy to show itself is the Grape Hyacinth … in the picture below you can see several in loose bud just before they are about to open their many individual flowers. Slightly up above on the same picture are early Garden Bluebells (this variety are highly scented and are more like Wild Hyacinths as they form the same shape as Hyacinths that have produced one too many flowering stems).

Grape Hyacinths with Garden Bluebell leaves - 22.03.2009


Sandi said...

I think I recognize that plant. I am no green thumb. haha I have a hard time distinguishing weeds from flowers most of the time. =/

LadyBanana said...

I had forgotten the name of these flowers - I have seen plenty around this spring, although it's been so cold last couple of days they might have shrivelled up!!