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Widge is one of the oldest English recipes that originated somewhere in the Midlands. Some refer to it as Worcestershire Widge … so may be its origins lie somewhere in one of the old villages of the county. Of all the old recipes that I have ever made it must surely be the most versatile as it can be used as a breakfast, lunch or supper and either sweet or savoury. Those housewives of long ago perhaps invented the first fast food … may be we have taken a step backwards since those times. The Widge is easy to prepare and quick to make and there is only one simple rule needed to be followed:

Recipe of the Widge

For each medium sized egg

Take an equal proportion of full cream milk

One heaped teaspoonful of flour

One heaped teaspoonful of porridge oats

One tiny pinch of salt

Best allow two eggs per each person - place the ingredients all together in a jug or basin and lightly beat. Take a flat pan or frying pan – pour in a small amount of oil and a tiny knob of butter … place on a fairly hot stove and wait until the pan slightly sizzles. Then very slowly pour the mixture in starting in the centre of the pan. Whilst the centre of the Widge is still slightly runny – turn the Widge over and allow the other side to cook. *Note any type of flour may be used to made the Widge even self raising varieties!

If serving for breakfast or for a pudding – place the fruit of your choice on the top of the Widge and lightly roll. For lunch it may be served either on the side with some salad or with some steamed fish or stir fry. At supper it can be used similarly to a wrap for a simple village scrape. A scrape is a dish made with with five main ingredients – usually meat, carrot, swede and potato all washed and diced and a small onion finely sliced. To make the scrape put a splash of oil in a pan add the ingredients add a pinch of salt and a liberal amount of pepper. Toss about in the pan over the heat – add enough water to cover the ingredients and a stock cube. Lightly simmer occasionally stirring – once ingredients have started to soften pour in either a small portion of creamed cornflour or a teaspoon of oats. When the mixture has cooked and slightly thickens it can be poured onto the Widge which should then be lightly rolled over to keep in the heat …

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Note: Widge is a simple batter bread that is cooked over a direct flame/direct heat. As it contains all three food elements ... protein, carbohydrate and fat it is a highly nutritious part of the diet.


tahtimbo said...

I have never heard of this before, but I really want to try it. Question: Is it a teaspoon of cream? Also is rolled oats the same as porridge oats?
Thank you:)

Kloggers/Polly said...

This recipe is simple batter bread - it is equal proportions of eggs and milk and one teaspoon of flour per each egg and one teaspoon of rolled oats (the name given for porridge oats) per each egg.

It is the sort of bread that anyone can make but is easier to bake than any other bread. It is nourishing and tasty and can be used as a meal or part of a meal at any time during the day.

Try it and enjoy it. :)