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12th Night … down with the decorations!

Today is the most superstitious day of the year … It is 5th January and tonight is the Twelfth Night. It is known as the Eve of Epiphany the very last day of Christmas the last evening when the Lords and the Ladies of the land can celebrate and make merry in the name of Christmas.

Do take down all of your Christmas decorations. Remove all Green Woods (Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe and Fir) from your homes before the hour strikes at midnight. To leave up decorations after today is to invite troubles into the home. Years ago it was believed that not to remove them would bring disaster and pestilence. Although the observations of putting away all of the Christmas decorations has become a little blurred with the passage of time – it is still observed.

Remember – if you forget then the only way to ensure good fortune is to leave them remaining until next Christmas. Because of this – some people leave one bauble on a shelf all year round – so that if they have forgotten to remove something the bauble will protect them!


*Remember, if you do have mistletoe to take off the berries and smear them into any crevices of the bark in the branches of local trees. This establishes new mistletoe plants. The new plant that grows from your endeavours will entitle you to a wish for every plant that forms – but you will have to wait until next Christmas for your wishes to come true … this is surely worth a few seconds of your time – a wish after all is a wish.


Auntie E said...

so that would be a good reason for my hubby to want the tree up all year. AI usually take thing down on the Seventh, After the Three kings day.

Shubnell said...

Interesting tip about mistletoe, I learned something today. Thanks