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Gluttony hormone

Our bodies are a result of an ancient design. The bodies of our ancestors rested totally on survival. We, live in different times but carry the ancient design of our forebears.

Primitive mankind would gather as much food as they could during the plentiful Summer months and eat and eat and eat. They would gain weight which would help them to survive the cold, long Winter when food was more difficult to find.

To help ‘ancient man and woman’ survive they inherited a hunger hormone called GHRELIN. We still produce massive amounts of ghrelin in our stomachs to this day. If we do not eat regular meals then this hormone is made in large quantities – its purpose is to advise our brains that our bodies need food. Our bodies have a flaw in that the brain is not informed by the stomach that food is reaching it for a whole thirty minutes after the first mouthful has descended into the stomach.

Ghrelin makes the body desire every kind of food from those we really like and enjoy to those that we normally would probably never eat. It is worse than the most addictive of drugs and our cravings and desires for any type of food know no ends.

It causes us to over eat as we feel so hungry for so long. The result of ghrelin is more and more of mankind are becoming obese. How do we overcome something that we cannot help produce and carries desires far greater than drug addiction? We firstly need to eat regularly. Carry a small handful of nuts, seeds or dried fruit and munch some of it when we feel the first pangs of hunger. Never eat quickly …… remember the half-hour journey from stomach to brain. Take rests during meals so that stomachs don’t become over-stretched. Watch out for the gluttony desire that is caused by this hormone!

ancients The ancient chemical ghrelin and gluttony


RE Ausetkmt said...

wowwww,, grehlin is the gremlin making my behind spread like jam.. thanks for that, cause I never knew what it was called.

Grampy said...

Thank You for the information. I knew the basics of it. Just didn't know why.

Ann said...

well that certainly explains it. I've had days where the more I eat the more I want.
Great information

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