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New Year’s saying

This is a very late posting and added after New Year’s day … but somehow it feels appropriate to slot it into this particular date.

I can remember as a child a saying that was often said on New Year’s Eve. I used to find it deflating as I wanted the Christmas fun and festivities to go on and on and on. It was lovely to be in a whirlwind of total merriment from dawn until dusk, day-after-day. The tinsel, balloons, blowers, whistles, laughter, jokes …. endless and wonderful like a fairytale.

The saying that I am referring to is:

‘It’s all over bar the shouting!’

It is a very old saying that is often spouted when things are done and dusted and all that remains is for people to acknowledge the fact by shouting, screaming or crying.

Somehow … if it is spoken to early, I think it simply spoils the fun.

I hope that your New Year was fun ….

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