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Through the eye of a needle

Through the eye of a needle

How religious is the world? How many people on this planet of ours really believes in God? I can hear your thoughts at this question – but have you ever heard of the ‘Humble Parable?’ If not, here it is:

The Humble Parable

A man who had spent his time on Earth trying his best to live a good life - died, after a long and happy life. He was about to enter the gates of Heaven when St Peter said to him “Before you go through the gates into Heaven I need you to answer one question. ‘A murderer, a baby and a priest come on a journey to Heaven, which one of them would God let in?’” Now the good man thought long and hard about this question and was worried that if he gave the wrong answer he would be plunged into the fires of Hell. ‘Well he pondered, after dismissing the murderer it is a toss up between the baby and the priest.” After closing his eyes he decided his answer: ‘It must be the priest for he has spent his entire life praying to God.’ he said. “You are wrong.” Said St Peter. “God would welcome all three for he values all life equally.”

Through the eye of a needle

What lies in a rich man’s head? What lies there that isn’t dead? Does he see a poor man’s need? Or is he simply filled with greed? Does he feel the pangs of hunger; Down the road that’s ever longer? Have worries about a child’s shallow breath? And how he’ll pay for a coffin if the morning brings death. By Kloggers

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BK said...

When I was reading this post of yours, I think about a quotation by Abraham Lincoln, "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion." I believe in a greater being in the Universe who is watching our behavior.