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Snow bird

The snow has continued to fall off and on since yesterday. The narrow side roads are still white and fluffy with recently fallen flakes. Although the sun has shone in the patches of blue sky, it is now beginning to get colder. Where the snow has been cleared here and there on pathways the ice is uncompromisingly treacherous and each footstep is perilous. I have managed to crunch around a little and capture this feather-plumped Wood Pigeon … looking for something to eat.

Wood pigeon in an Ash tree - 06.01.2010

Pigeon in an Ash tree - 06.01.2010  Wood pigeon


Grampy said...

Very good shot. Thanks for the info on the bird.

Mike Foster said...

I guess it's winter everywhere.


Ann said...

Poor thing must be having a heck of a time finding a meal in that snow. Love the shots.

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Polly! Happy New Year, my Friend!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful capture. Must be so cold there. And no. It's not winter everywhere. Philippines got no winter. So hot over here. Wheeeeew!

Have a blessed Sunday!


heidi said...

I love looking at these nature pics! Beautiful and thanks for sharing!