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Natural Iodine the magic mineral for weight loss

No matter what diet and exercise programme may be taken up and adhered to – none will work if the body doesn’t obtain the essential amount of natural iodine to speed up its metabolism. Nowadays it is simple for both meat lovers and vegetarians and vegans to eat enough natural iodine without the need for supplements, which may result in health issues if taken too liberally.

Items needed in the diet to obtain iodine naturally:

  • Any type of sea fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy produce
  • Sea vegetables*
  • Sea salt or iodized table salt
  • Sea creatures including crabs, prawns, shrimps, etc

*For those who have never considered sea vegetables then here are some simple tips (all sea vegetables or sea weeds contain iodine):

The most mildest of the sea vegetables is Dulse – it is a dark, rich, red colour and very rich in iron. It can be used as a salt replacement by adding a few leaves to cabbage, greens or stir-fry. Many like it tossed in a salad or simply munched on as a mini snack with a few nuts.

Nori often is available ground up as little flakes and can be added to virtually everything. It is the richest of all of the sea vegetables as it contains a wealth of minerals. It also comes in sheets these may be purchased raw and pressed or toasted and are often used as the outer rim of sushi. The sheets are useful to use in place of bread for those trying to cut down on wheat.

Wakami is sweet seaweed and naturally very high in calcium so is good for those caring to keep their bones strong.

There are many more sea vegetables, including agar which is used to make a natural jelly. For those who may not wish to have anything too flavoured then consider purchasing Atlantic Sea Salad (Clearspring). This is made up of Dulse, Sea Lettuce and Nori and so may be used in every meal – soups, sauces, casseroles, salads, stir-fries, prawn cocktail, risottos, chilli, in fact, any dish from any part of the world! It can even be used as a condiment in place of salt.


Cascia said...

I wasn't aware that iodine could aid in weight loss.

Ish said...

great weight loss information, thanks for sharing! have a nice day!