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Lady’s advice to her daughter


“Nearly everything is good for you …… but remember it is fattening too. Moderation is the key of a life filled with harmony!” Anon


Healthy food


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Oh very wise Mom...so very true...moderation is they KEY!!

philly5113 said...

Very sound advice. It is also good for us too. I know its a struggle but well worth the practice.

Angel said...

I think that was my mom! :) But I was stubborn so now I've gained 4 pounds.. *sob*

LAINY said...

Awesome advice and very aptly said!

It's great to be back here again, Polly


JR041283 said...


I have included your URL into my EntreCard add on widget. It is actually an improved version of a droppers list.

To learn more about the program go to http://www.jr041283.com/2010/01/spread-love.html

I am hoping to hear from you soon. Happy blogging.