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Bluebell wood

The English Bluebell is a soft, gentle flower that is permanently bowed and is sometimes referred to as ‘the old man of the wood.’ All other bluebells in the world stand erect and point towards the sky with the exception of the English Bluebell. This beautiful woodland flower has a haunting perfume that is sweet and intoxicating. It thrives in semi-shaded areas that have dappled sunlight and it likes to be moist. Its little bells are coloured a sort of blue hue with a hint of violet and they hang like miniature lanterns gracefully on the slender stems. The camera tends to make them look more violet than blue. When picking bluebells the stem should be held firmly and snapped over at the bottom – never pull the stem as this damages the tiny bulbs below the soil. The bluebell will form seed heads if left which will fall to the ground to make new plants.


English Bluebell English Bluebell

The English Bluebell is a member of the lily family.


Ann said...

They are quite pretty and I do see the resemblance to a lantern.

Sashindoubutsu said...

Wow, they would certainly bring color and life to any piece of land. Thanks for featuring it here.^^


I adore bluebells - the sound they make as they move, the smell, everything about them. Such a shame they are so fleeting but a wood full of blue is a sight indeed.

Auntie E said...

I love those English Bluebells.