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Car park catkins

I have noticed that over the last decade or so, open aired car parks are planting various varieties of trees that have catkins. There are quite a few different varieties ranging from Hazel, Birch, Hornbeam and the occasional variety of Willow. The probable change from pretty blossom trees to those that produce catkins are most likely linked to the amount of deciduous matter (petals and large broad leaves) that fall off the trees. At one time these were just left to blow away or rot naturally. Local Authorities have recently become more wary of being made accountable for any accidents that occur if the ground becomes slippery due to decomposition.

Catkins Catkins on a small tree on the car park opposite the Law Courts in Redditch

It will probably take the leaves to form on this tree before it can be properly identified … at the moment my thoughts are that it is most likely a Hazel which grows to approximately six metres high.

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