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Sawn off

Late in the Autumn, after much thought, it was decided to cut down the purple lilac. It was not that I wanted the lilac to be cut down it is just that with rather bad planning, it had been planted too near the path as a very young and spindly bush and throughout the last two Summers as it began to grow taller and stronger, we had all nearly had our eyes poked out by its overhanging branches. The plant was too thick to cut with secateurs and so it had to be carefully sawn through. As soon as the job had been completed, I had a stab of regret. The colour of this particular plant is so vibrant and rich – it is a deep Victorian purple and lilacs this colour are difficult to get hold of. Even this particular plant was a young shoot that had formed a new plant from a very ancient parent plant … yes, it had been given to me as a gift. All through the Winter it lay lifeless but to my surprise as I examined it today I could see new buds forming on the thick stump … I do hope that my bush will thrive again!

Lilac stump - purple flower

Lilac stump - sawn off in late Autumn

Lilac stump -  purpleLilac stump – now showing new buds



they are tough, aren't they ? I had a small one which was just lovely all year round - the shape as well as the flowers. But I think it was meant to be small and so it was easy to look after...

Ann said...

I love lilacs and have tried many times to grow them but never had any success. My father used to have several beautiful lilac bushes along the side of his house.

Grampy said...

I had a Lilac bush once that you could not kill. We did the same thing and it just came right back. You may want to grab a shoot from it and plant it in another spot.
You may have to dig it up if you do not want it to come back where it is.
Good Luck with it.

EastCoastLife said...

It is such a pity to have to saw it. I would love to have such lovely flowers in my garden, they would certainly attract a lot of attention. :)