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Wild garlic or English garlic

One of the loveliest plants that can be introduced into the garden border is Wild Garlic. Every part of the plant may be eaten either raw or cooked and has a magnificent mild flavour of the stronger continental garlic clove. Once established it will self seed and the little seedlings may be pulled up, washed, left whole and either wilted and mixed with carrots and potatoes or used in stir fries or soups, etc. When the plant is fully grown a lovely ball of white star like flowers appear on long, lean stems … all of this can be added to meals. The little stars may be pulled off the ball and tossed into salads or the complete ball of flowers may be placed on the top of dishes as a garnish. This is a free, easy and old fashioned food that is delightful and warming. Worth a little corner of anyone’s border … enjoy the flavour and the display!

Please do not consider planting Wild Garlic if you have Lily of the Valley in your garden as the leaves are easy to mistake and Lily of the Valley is a poisonous plant!

Wild garlic - spread by seed Wild Garlic … spread by seed

Wild garlicWild Garlic leaves 

Wild garlic in a crackWild Garlic … invades all available nooks and cracks

Wild Garlic - RamsonsWild Garlic flowers – picture taken last May

Wild Garlic is often called Ramsons or Stinking Lily.


inday_adin said...

I've never have wild garlic before or even planted one. Thanks for sharing.

ADin B

imelda said...

i wouldnt dare to pick up any, i might end up endangering the health of my family.ty for the visit

Aktiv-Bio said...

wish you a happy earth day