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Dandelion daisy king of Spring and Summer

There is an old saying in England that refers mainly to the small white daisy whose petals are often tipped with a tiny speck of blood red, called Bellis Perennis -

If you can place a hand or foot over five or more flowers at any one time, then good weather and sunshine heat will surely follow.’

It is a saying that marks a beautiful Spring and Summer. There have been several sightings this year despite the cold, long Winter and the very late beginning of the usual rollout to Spring. Now almost immediately the dandelions are in full bloom. The Dandelion, is the king of all of the daisies. Not only does it spread with decisive ease, it offers the cure for a profusion of maladies and was once used as a vegetable but now is often scathed about - without being fully understood.

*The young leaves may occasionally be used in salads or lightly steamed as greens. Long ago the roots of the plant were sometimes added chopped up into stews, roasted or simply sliced raw into salads. The flower heads may be used for wine making. The sap for easing away corns, hard skin on the feet, diminishing warts and verrucas. The Dandelion plant was used to treat gall bladder problems and occasionally liver troubles. It is known to purify the blood and so was taken to cure spots, eczema, acne and other skin conditions. Years ago young women may well have included dandelion once a month in their diets as it is good for eliminating water retention being a useful and effective diuretic. The roots may be roasted well and ground up finely to make Dandelion coffee and the leaves are often dried and used to make Dandelion tea (raw leaves may also be used to make a refreshing Spring and Summer tea - ‘if using fresh leaves, then lightly chop them, place one or two spoonfuls into the pot – pour on freshly drawn and boiled water and allow to stand for three minutes only’).

*If you have never used Dandelion before then it may be best to check with a herbalist for medical advice on how it may best serve your condition. It is wise never to take any herbs whilst taking prescribed medication. Always check with your General Practitioner/Doctor before taking any herbs whist under medical care.

Dandilion and Bumblebee Dandelion and Bumblebee (sometimes called Humblebee)


Grampy said...

Very interesting about the dandelions. I may try the sap for my dry feet. You know us old people need any kind of remedies we can find.
Have a good day.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Hi Grampy, Since doing this post I found myslef watching a programme regarding 'foraging and living off your garden.' There were one or two points of interest that I had never come across before ... firstly, dandelion heads are an angelic flavour when they are cooked as they become sweet with a similar flavour to honey. It avised dipping the flower heads one at a time into batter and lightly frying them to make excellent puddings. Secondly, it also advised that the small leaves of the lime tree make an excellent substitute for lettuce in salads. Cleavers it said may be used slightly sweated as a spinach substitute. The programme was trying to show just how many things we could eat that taste 'marvellous' and at the same time are free!