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Cat plant

The one thing about cats is they know all about patience. Every family member of cats has a dedicated inborn spirit that oozes patience, calm, serenity and a complete stress free life. We can learn a lot from cats. Even their exercise plans are slow and steady being a series of stretches and yawns that keep every sinew and muscle totally defined. A total six-pack animal … how we should watch and learn from these creatures.

My cat has noticed that her favourite plant has started to sprout from the earth. Only a few short weeks ago, there was no sign of it. I thought that it had died off … but she knew. She would go and sit beside it and simply meditate. Her reward for her patience are a series of healthy sprouts of the cat mint:

Cat mint - catnip - catsigh - April Cat mint, catnip

Cat watching the cat mint - catnip grow . . . The cat sleeping besides her cat mint waiting patiently for it to grow so that she can roll in its glorious perfume


Glenna Frazier said...

Wow I've never seen live catnip. It's very nice looking. I'll bet your cat is very happy.

Ann said...

I agree that thre is a lot that can be learned from a cat. I love the picture of your napping next to it's favorite plant.

Janis said...

Oh ha! You must not know the three cats who live here! Patience is definitely not one of their virtues, especially around meal time! And Sparkle will poke and prod me while I'm at my computer until I give in to her wishes, whether it's treats or toys. But then, maybe they don't get enough catnip. Being indoor critters I have to go out and get it for them.