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St George’s Day

The George Cross – The Flag of England

We wave our flag for victory, we wave our flag for joy; for every new born baby; for every girl and boy. We wave our flag for freedom, our voice it will be heard; our flag it will protect us; our country gives its word. We wave our flag for honour, we wave our flag for pride; our soldiers are the bravest their arms stretch far and wide. We wave our flag for wisdom, our love it knows no end; for every person on our soil is treated as our friend. Our flag it knows no colour, our flag it knows no creed; it is the envy of the world and we its precious seed. Kloggers 23.04.2010

I wish each and every one of you a most happy St George’s Day!

St George flagSt George the English Flag


Ryan said...

It's about time the people of England started celebrating St Georges in the same manner that the Scots and Irish celebrate ours. Be proud.

Kloggers/Polly said...

I think it would be lovely if we had a holiday on 23rd of April too! Perhaps they could also use the day to promote England. Amongst other things it would be good to see some of the more unusual places and events we could all go to.