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One of the oldest, perennial herbs that deserves to be planted in every garden is Rosemary. It is a member of the mint family and flowers all through the year from the beginning month of January through until December. The leaves are evergreen. The oil from the plant is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so it has been used as a skin saviour and medicine for thousands of years. It has long been used as a soak and may be added to a bowl or bath to soak either part of the body or all of the body for the treatment of disorders of the circulatory system and problems like gout, rheumatism and general aches and pains of the muscles. Break off  the leaves and small branches – lightly rinse off dust and dirt with cold water – then use a heavy object like a brick/rolling pin/stone/hammer and tap the leaves and branches to bruise them – pour on a pint of boiling water and allow to infuse for 15 minutes then add the mixture to the bath water/basin/bowl and submerse the aching joint or muscle. The leaves may also be bruised and added to final rinsing water after washing hair – the natural oils from the plant condition the hair and make it shine beautifully. Rosemary tea has long been used for its revitalising properties and is especially useful after periods of illness. The plant is also used by many in cookery where it is often added or sprinkled on meats (especially beef and lamb) whilst roasting.

Rosemary herb in flower

Rosemary in blossomRosemary in blossom - April

This particular plant is over 25 years old.

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