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Cat corner

If you think of a cat’s life the same as a dog’s life … each human year being equivalent to seven, then our little cat is officially an old lady being the grand old age of 77. Over the last year she has decidedly become more sedate, keeping her stalking down considerably. She now, for instance tolerates the larger birds coming into the garden and will sit and just watch them not wanting to go even one step nearer to them for a closer look. The Wood Pigeons are perhaps one of her favourites as she glances at them with much bemusement … they never came into the garden when she was younger - ‘what on earth do they think they are doing, risking all now?’ Perhaps they just simply know that they are no longer at risk – may be animals exude some kind of chemical when they are constantly stalking their prey – it’s certainly a new mystery to me.

We have an old, garden bench that has been dragged into a corner – as you can see she not only likes this position but also enjoys her comfort at the same time. The cushion is pure wool so it breathes and keeps her warm on cool days and not too warm on hot days – that apparently is the theory!


Cat corner Cat’s comfy corner



she looks just gorgeous and not al all 77 !!!

Happy Earth Day to you both

Ann said...

What a pretty girl she is. She doesn't even show her age. It's funny how the birds can sense that she is no longer a threat.

Janiss said...

Actually cats don't age the same as dogs - in fact they live longer and age accordingly. According to this calculator, your kitty is still middle-aged at 45:


Nica said...

Such cute picture.