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The plum saga

Several years ago, like many doing their weekly shop, I was passing by the plant section (eyes deliberately diverted to the next item of food that I needed to buy), when …

… out of the corner of my eye I spotted ‘fruit trees.’ They were grouped all together standing strong and tall and jumbled up, propped against some shelving. There were apple, pear and plum trees. Before I knew it I had picked one up and suddenly I became like a knight on a charger with a would-be lance stretched out well before the top end of the supermarket trolley. Then in an instant, the deed was done and my plum tree had been scanned and for just a few pounds I became the proud owner of a garden food producer.

I already had both apple and pear trees so my plum would make an excellent addition. It was planted and watered regularly until it had settled down. Then I watched and waited. Year after year came and went … there were leaves and branches but nothing else. Then when I had almost given up hope suddenly one year the tree became covered in tiny star-like flower blossom. Being an optimist, I imagined each flower turning into a plum … there were hundreds of them! That year, although I could see small pip swellings as the flowers withered away, I ended up with no fruit. Then last year for the first time I had two fat juicy and very sweet black plums. So when the tree became covered in thousands of flowers this year I thought that I would at least have had fifty good size fruits. My tree however has decided to tease me as once again it has produced just two fruits … I am hoping that I won’t have to share them with the wasps.

Large plum - gradually growing - apple or egg sizeThe lowest plum … growing larger 

Large - apple or egg size plum

Plum - large

The plum growing darker in colour … soon ready for eating


Ann said...

When I was a kid, we would visit my grandparents who had a plum tree in their yard. I loved to go to the tree and pick them. It always seemed like the plums from my grandfathers tree were better tasting than any other.
Too bad your tree couldn't have at least doubled it's yield, although 2 plums is better than none :)

Grampy said...

Now that is very strange. I planted one years ago and got nice plums in about three years. Someone else is now enjoying them.

Sandy said...

Good thing you're not dependent on that tree, wow that's very disappointing. They do make pretty flowers, but I think many don't produce. Is it like corn you need a certain number for them to pollinate? One ear of corn will not produce either. Is it like a Holly Bush? You need at least 2, a male and a female?
Traveling Suitcase (you only have the generic google thing no option for name and url?

Denz said...

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Sandy said...

Thought I'd left a comment, but don't see it; so apparently it didn't work. Errrrr

Wondering if it's like corn and you need more then one for it to cross pollinate? Or perhaps like a Holly bush were you need 2 one male and one female to produce?

Good thing you're not dependent on it for food....geeeeeeeeeees it's not giving back.
Traveling Suitcase
adding that since you only have the generic google thing?