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The weather has been wonderfully mild this weekend with glimpses of an Indian Summer. I managed to pot out a few late border plants in the hope that they will survive the Winter and help brighten up the Spring. Whilst pulling a few weeds I came across some bird table escapes including a very pale flax or linseed flower growing between the slabs.

Flax Flax or Linseed

Flax is usually a pretty shade of blue but this bird table variety is almost white with a touch of mauve. I wonder where in the world it originates from?

blue flax flower

Blue flax flower


Ann said...

what a pretty little flower that has on it. We've also had some beautiful weather here the last few days. I know it won't last so I'll enjoy it as much as I can while it's here.

eastcoastlife said...

I have never seen a real flax flower. It seems you have many varieties of flowers and plants in your garden.

I wonder how your garden looks in winter. Would there be any plants that can withstand the cold and still stand strong?

fazrul arhan said...

This is so beautiful,love it.D