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Lilac - Syringa vulgaris

Lilac - Syringa vulgaris

    • ‘Of all the flowers that I see, the sweetest is the lay-luck tree.’ Anon

Usually pronounced lie-lc, lie-lek. The Lilac tree is both fragrant and is said to bring good luck to a household when it is planted in the garden. The purple is known for its strongest fragrance but all varieties are popular. This is a picture of my white Lilac as yet my purple variety has not flowered this year.

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Ann said...

I love lilacs. I've tried several times to plant one and they don't seem to want to grow in my yard. When I'm out walking I always pause to take in the fragrance if I see one. We had them in our yard when I was growing up and they were always a favorite

Raven said...

Lilacs are my favorite flower. I love the scent. I can't grow my own cuz I live in an apartment but I have several lilac scented candles.