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Hovering about

Hover-flies always remind me of my childhood. From as early as aged three, I would wander (with permission) around my next-door neighbour’s garden; where I was first introduced to Tulips, Red-hot pokers and Michaelmas daisies as well as the Tit family … from the pretty little Blue-tit, the constant calling Coal-tit to the wonderful strength of the Great-tit. The Michaelmas daisies formed a hedge around the neighbour’s garden and it was always alive with little pretty darting flies of various sizes and colours which were called Hover-flies. Despite their bright colouring and almost wasp-like or bee-like appearance they are harmless and very useful pollinators.

Hover-fly - Episyrphus balteatus

Hover-fly - Episyrphus balteatus ... in flight around the fuchsias

Hover-fly - Episyrphus balteatus ... in flight

Hover-fly - Episyrphus balteatus grows between 10 - 15 mm

Hover-fly - Episyrphus balteatus pollinating Genii fuchsia

Hover-fly - Episyrphus balteatus

Country Quips:

    • True beauty is often hidden from closed minds.


Ann said...

They do look a little like bees. You did well at capturing them. What pretty flowers those are too

Unknown said...

Hi Ann - Yes, with the exception that these are so gentle they will land onto your hand and rest awhile before taking off again. This particular variety is the narrowest and most common. The sometimes actually swarm and fly from across from the continent. The flowers are fuchsias and are the hardy variety - one is Genii which has a slightly golden leaf - loved by the leaf-cutter bees so it has quite a few lacy leaves at the moment. Lol!

Lainy said...

Oh WOW! They all look lovely, Polly!

Awesome captures! I so love them all!

Interesting Pictures said...

that's a nice shot

Catch My Words said...

The flies okay, but the colors of the flowers are magnificent.


eastcoastlife said...

yes, it looks like a bee. I do not see them in swarms. Glad that they are not pests.


I had never heard of these flies and very glad to hear they are harmless! I learn so much from your blog. Also, thank you for the great information about combining fats and carbs!!! I had never heard that but it seems to really be working for me!! Great information:)

Colleen said...

Yes, I remember these as well! Thank you for bringing that memory back for me. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Interesting. It looks a lot like our little sweat bee.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow such lovely photography. Capturing these fast moving beauties must have been tough

Simply Pochi said...

very nice shots :)