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Eye of newt ..

This time of the year the pond appears to grow blanket weed like a candyfloss machine. The weed holds onto the sides like thrift clings on the edge of cliff tops. It then weaves its way through the oxygenating plants twisting and choking them so thickly that the fish have to fight for both light and space. Having tried everything on the market there still appears to be nothing quite as effective as a hands on approach. A gentle tug until the slimy green wispy web of a million plants has been prized off its moorings. Trying to untangle its weavings from other plants is not quite so easily achieved.

The most difficult task is to try and avoid damaging the natural wildlife that lives in both the shallows and the depths of a pond. This time, in amongst the pile of slimy blanket weed there appeared to be a black shiny eye peeping back .. it was a young newt. The sweetest of amphibians had been rescued and placed gently back in the water of the pond, once most of the blanket weed had been removed.

Common Newt of Smooth Newt  - Triturus vulgaris - young newt

Common Newt or Smooth Newt (Triturus vulgaris) – young newt


Ann said...

well isn't he a cute little creature. I've never seen a newt before

WillOaks Studio said...

How very lucky to find such a cutie!! I'm also on the lookout for the natural populations around our pond right now, but never have seen a newt. I'll go hunting tomorrow! (I did find a snake, and can hear the bull frogs so far....)