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Christmas Cactus

I have a wonderful Christmas cactus! It blooms faithfully four or five times every year and its flowers are vibrant, almost fuchsia coloured, long and imperial. This Christmas I have had so many blooms. Each leaf is busily thrusting out buds, sometimes several at a time. I have found a new secret that enables my plant to create more flowers than ever before.

Christmas Cactus 1

Christmas Cactus 2

Christmas Cactus

Sharing my secrets with you:

For a Christmas or Easter cactus plant to flower it needs to have a small period of drought. So plant it with one-quarter sand and allow the potted plant’s soil to dry completely. When the leaves start to look a little puckered or rubbery (this only takes a week or two) then soak the plant with plenty of water and plant food (the best plant food for extra flowers is Tomato Fertilizer – add only a couple of drops of liquid feed to approximately one pint of water). Leave the plant in a windowsill or very light area, away from extreme draughts and it will flower persistently every couple of months.

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