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To bay or not to bay?

Every home at least once in a lifetime will have unwanted visitors that have six or more legs. Whether the creature walks or has wings, takes up lodgings in cupboards, wardrobes or drawers or merely are window shoppers that raid a particular item for a quick snack before sneaking out the way it came in, they’re still all unwanted. There is a solution that is cheap, reliable and natural and smells quite nice too. It is the bay leaf. Bay leaves rid a home of insects including beetles, mites, moths and other creepy-crawlies. Whether you simply wish to scatter a few dried leaves on cupboard shelves or perhaps push some into an open jar, make a shape from loose woven muslin or fancy cotton lawn whichever option you choose all are effective. Bay leaves smell lovely and fresh and so are worth using all the year round to keep the home smelling sweet and rid every nook and cranny of all unwanted lodgers!

Top tip: purchase fresh bay leaves at regular intervals.

Bay leaves Bay Leaves ….. natural insect repellent for cupboard, drawers and wardrobes

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