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The Moon

Where would we be without the Moon? It lights our way on dark nights, pulls at the waves and creates the tides, encourages plants to grow, in fact it rules our very lives. The Moon is gradually leaving the Earth and one day our planet will have no Moon. It will take a very long time before this happens but when it does, the people who are living on our planet will have a very different life to that which we live today. Imagine a sea without any tides, without any waves! We have been brought up with a Moon. It is there and it is familiar; it is part of our lives and although we may not realise it we all have an affection for the ball of rock that rolls across our sky.

Sharing some pictures that I have taken of our wonderful, dusty, rocky Moon – carry on rolling for us all to look at!

The Moon by Day


The Moon by Day 2


Michelle said...

These are gorgeous photos and I will never take our beautiful moon for granted again. I would miss seeing it and the light it provides. I would miss having the tides as well.

Unknown said...

Michelle, it is something that won't happen in our lifetime - it makes you see why it is necessary for space exploration though. It would probably affect what we could grow and which animals would be able to survive. Thank goodness that it is something that we won't have to experience ourselves.
Still waiting to see if they will be accepted on Pixabay - hope so - got to live in hope! Lol!!

Sharkbytes said...

It's like an old friend up there. No wonder people saw a "man" in the moon. Or, I guess, a rabbit, if you are Chinese.

Unknown said...

It's especially wonderful when it is a clear night and it looks like a huge planet that you could almost touch with an extended hand, Joan.