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April 1st - “April foo-ool” – All Fools’ Day

Today is ‘April Fools’ Day’ the joy of all children and those who can successfully find a scapegoat to send on a fool’s errand. We all may have been teased as children with various adults asking us to go to the iron mongers for a tube of ‘elbow grease’ some ‘half-wit nails’ or some ‘sky hooks.’ Many apprentice will have been asked to fetch a ‘left-handed screwdriver’ and so on … only to come back with bright red cheeks.

At school there were teachers who were brilliant at an early morning tease and some children applied their jokes with uncompromising ease at unsuspecting class mates.

Remember though if tempted the fun only lasts until 12.00 noon … after that time it is said that those who participate are the biggest fool of all and a prank or jest may be looked upon a little more harshly.

‘April weather is rain and sun together’

‘The hay and corn fair better with April’s windy morn’


Dog Violet found on April 1

Dog violet … found in the garden border on 1st April

Cowslip - 1st April 2009

Cowslip … 1st April

Wild Garlic or Ramsons 1.04.2009

Wild Garlic or Ramsons … growing by the edge of the pond on 1st April


C.B. Jones said...

I actually found a sky hook once. I grabbed it, and it caused an impromptu eclipse.

Or somebody snuck up on me and through a potato sack over my head.

LadyBanana said...

I usually play a few jokes on the family before we go our separate ways for the day but I woke with such a bad headache this morning I wasn't able to..

Didn't even hear of any good ones this year..

Kikey Loo said...

today weather very nice at my place. I went to the park with the kids that I taking care.

the weather seem like getting nice. (^.^)

honestly, i forgot to adjust my time that day. :p

Jan from BetterSpines said...

How about a neck tourniquet? Or some striped paint? But wasn't it fun.

mardoogle said...

Great info! Thanks for sharing a very interesting topic. Keep on posting.

Fat Binder

ally said...

oohhh lala! lots of green there on April! Weather here in the Philippines is excruciatingly hot this summer, Polly! Phew!

God bless!

BTW, I got a tag for you! take care my friend!