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Conservationists everywhere are asking the population of the world to consider planting their own orchards to help to protect the pollinators. The specific group of insects without which we would all die off. There has been a dramatic reduction in these precious species which ordinarily are a free resource to the farmers. In Europe alone there are something like 4000 crop species that are totally reliant on bees to pollinate them.

An orchard is a group of five fruit trees grown together in a small space. At one time it was necessary to have a reasonable sized garden to consider even thinking about planting one fruit tree let alone five. Now there are all types of varieties of fruit trees and bushes that have been produced which will do well in pots on patios or balconies … this means that everyone can have their own orchard and know that they are helping not only the planet but their children and their children’s children …

“How precious is the third generation of man; it will receive the beasts of his forebears as selfishness and greed often wins over saintliness and wisdom. Few will think of their offspring once they have fled the home.” Anon

It is time to prove that we all care for our children and our children’s children.

I have an orchard …

Conference pear tree

Little Conference Pear tree sitting between two Williams’ Pear trees

Plum tree

Plum tree – this was purchased from a supermarket and it is the first year that it has flowered

I also a few other fruit trees and three Goji bushes which are still very small and haven’t yet produced any fruit … I have tried one or two of the dried versions of this fruit which is extremely expensive so I am looking forward to seeing what the fresh berries look like and most of all what they taste like …

Goji berry bush with flowering strawberries at the roots

Goji berry - vertical growth

Goji berry bushes – these throw out shoots from a main stem – the shoots are mostly vertical in habit. The longer branches loop over and fall onto the earth where they root to form new plants … almost similar to the habit of strawberries.


Yira said...

oh wow that is so cool I did not know about the orchard, always thought an orchard should be large, but I can do a few trees. Goji berry, I bet you can train that plant to grow up a trellis.

siteseer said...

I'd love to have fruit trees, but my hubby doesn't like the fallen fruit and maintenance required. Is it a cop out to say - when I have more time?

Bonnie Story said...

Goji - Hmmm what an interesting plant. Kinda looks like it could go on a rampage! I agree with the other comment, I think that's a trellis prospect! Will be fun to see the berries come in. Beautiful orchard and garden!!! Bonnie

cassey said...

Yes, I have the same impression that your plant can grow up a trellis. Any tips on planting?