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Cactus juice … sweet nectar

A few years ago I read an article about how wonderful sweet cactus juice is. Advice was given on substituting either sugar or artificial sweeteners with natural cactus juice which has a low GI and only a few calories. A description of delicious sweet nectar that could be added to cakes, puddings, biscuits, cereals and drinks was tantalising. There was however no sign of this ancient wonderful elixir in any of the local shops.

Eureka! Sweet cactus syrup is now available in Worcestershire ……….

Sweet cactus juice

Agave Nectar ‘sweet cactus juice’

for those who like a stronger syrup flavour there is also a darker, richer version.

I have tried it on my cereal (I do have a sweet tooth) and it is lovely – I have yet to use it in baking. The price is similar to honey which I also use a fair amount of.

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