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Wild posy

The air is full of beautiful smells that waft on April breezes and so I have brought a little of this free pomander back into my home. This brightly coloured nosegay has been gathered locally in the winding, rambling lanes in rural Worcestershire.

Wild Posy


Posy close-up

This fragrant posy comprises of English Bluebells, Honesty, Lady Smock, Forget-me-not, Dandelion and  Greater Stitchwort. All of these flowers last a very long time providing that the stems are cut fairly short – this seems to be the secret of keeping cut wild flowers looking fresh and smelling sweet.


siteseer said...

those flowers are beautiful. Can't wait for mine to come into bloom

Meghann said...

That is lovely - can you to come to my house to make them please!