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Ding Dong … “Cry God for Harry! England and St George”

Ring out the bells everywhere it is St George’s Day … the bell ringers of Worcestershire are ready with a peal to celebrate this special day. Worcester Cathedral is to ring out its bells several times this day in celebration and have asked all bell ringers to join in.

Ding Dong Bell

It is also the beginning of the English Asparagus Season (23rd April) – this is celebrated in Evesham, Worcestershire and the crop to be picked today will be in the shops by tomorrow. The asparagus season is very short lived but it is a worthy vegetable to grow as it is a perennial and so only has to be planted once and can be harvested forevermore!

Shakespeare wrote the famous call … “Cry God for Harry! England and St George” and today is also William Shakespeare’s birthday.

William Shakespeare

Remarkable fact: William Shakespeare was born 23rd April 1564

and died 23rd April 1616

Factoid extra ... The St George Cross which is now the official national flag of England it is said was first created in Evesham, Worcestershire during the 13th century. It is alleged that it was taken from the uniform that the English soldiers wore during the Crusades.

Knight Templar - Crusades

Image from http://www.gradale.com


Jan from BetterSpines said...

I never knew that Shakespeare died on his birthday. What a bummer! And how did asparagus day get to be on the same day?

storybeader said...

darn, I missed Will's birthday! At my book club in Wednesday, we were trying to think of a female counterpart to William. Seeing we were reading Virginia Woolf, we thought she would make a good match.

lizzie said...

Great post. St George's Day should be more widely celebrated. Bring it back in schools, I say!