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I purchased some catmint or catnip the other year mainly for the cat as they are supposed to enjoy the aroma. From just a few sprigs the plant spread into a good round ball of fragrant green. It is a much stronger plant than ordinary garden mint and has a whole new variety of properties.

  • It is a natural insecticide … the only creature found scrambling over catmint leaves and stems are spiders, which of course are not insects. Flying insects will approach the plant once the flowers are open and the nectar is ready for collection but will not linger or rest on the plant. To use catmint as an insecticide, the flowers or sprigs may be picked and added to flower decorations or a few stems slightly bruised by rubbing and tied with ribbon or string and hung where insects are a particular problem. Stems may be placed where there are ant runs, etc. Catmint has long been known for its ability to ward off mosquitoes and it is a good idea to plant out in flowerpots and tubs so that they can be arranged around children’s play areas and patios or decking areas. This must be the safest, natural and free insecticide that is available and once a plant is established in a garden it will most probably last a lifetime.
  • Catmint is an anti-stress plant … it contains sedative properties and helps a person to relax. It is very strong and should only be used in small amounts about one teaspoonful of chopped mint leaves daily. When trying out plants begin with just a pinch as although I have never heard of anyone experiencing any problems with this particular herb we are all different and it is wise to be cautious. As with other herbs never mix with prescribed medicines and as always ask a doctor’s advice.
  • The leaves of the catmint are useful in the treatment of flatulence and easing tummy upsets.

Catmint or Catnip Catmint or Catnip … picture taken in late April


LadyBanana said...

That's interesting, where did you get it from?

Lisa C. said...

VERY VERY interesting.. Thanks for sharing..

BTW swingin' by to thank you for being a top dropper... :O)

Kloggers/Polly said...

Lady Banana - If you mean the information then it started with observation over several months. Eventually I realised that the only creature that I had seen on the plant since purchasing it was one small spider. Added to this was the fact that we make our own mint sauce and in Spring standard mint is very slow growing so occasionally we add lemon balm and chives to the chopped mint. Although catmint isn't actually a mind it is very aromatic so I thought I would do some research to see whether it was safe to consume. As you may know Pennyroyal which is a mint is very poisonous and therefore I needed to be sure that catmint was safe to consume. After trawling through book after book and also checking out various nursery websites, etc I finally found all kinds of information related to catmint. For instance it is claimed to be four times more powerful than Deet (Deet is a recognized insect repellant used to keep people safe from mosquitoes). It is also claimed that catmint has such wide ranging uses such as a cure for colic, upset stomachs and flatulance - bronchitis and chestiness ... the list is quite long. This is certainly a plant that is worthy of a place in anyone's garden!

Lea said...

Hi Polly

I hadn't heard of catmint before. Interesting information; I sure could have used it in India, ants and mosquitoes galore! lol.

Also, there is a surprise on my site for you :)

storybeader said...

that's great to know. And it's so pretty!