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Prim, poised, perfect, pretty primrose

The shy primrose is often the last of the spring perennial flowers to bloom – but well worth the wait … Mine has been in this flowering position in the border for more than twenty years and is still quite a small, compact plant. I confess that each year I tell myself that I am going to ease out a couple of leaves and a root to place another little specimen elsewhere and as yet I haven’t. It is said that new plants are best started once the flowering season has ended – but as the flowering season begins quite late then it is often followed by quite a dry spell. At this point the leaves go a little ‘floppy’ and although the plant is regularly splashed with a little saved rain water and the odd bit of tap water something deep within me says ‘ leave the poor little plant alone – if you disturb it you might just lose it.’ Perhaps, I should be a little more adventurous this year and try to encourage a new primrose plant to grow.

Primrose (primula vulgaris) - English perennial

Primrose primula vulgaris

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Jan from BetterSpines said...

It's a tough call - whether jeopardising the main plant is worth the possibility of more plants. Maybe strike the new one in a pot where you can keep an eye on it till it grows up?