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Fruit and vegetable allergy

More and more people are finding themselves developing allergic reactions to common food items the latest in this long line is allergy to fruit and/or vegetables. In the last twenty years this allergy has been silently growing and has now over taken nut allergies. It is an allergy that is manifesting itself in a variety of symptoms the more mild of which include itchy ears, itchy lips, mild digestive disorders and rashes. The more severe symptoms can be life threatening with swollen mouths, throats and severe stomach cramping sometimes sufferers are even going into anaphylactic shock.

Currently there are no definite answers as to why so many people are becoming affected but there are various possibilities being suggested. One alleged reason is that certain pollens contain the same proteins as various pieces of fruit or vegetables … such as birch pollen it is claimed has the same protein as apples … so if a person is affected by birch pollen then they may have a propensity to become allergic to apples.

People of all ages are becoming affected … from the very young to middle-aged and elderly. We therefore need countries to come together and focus on possible cures or action that can be taken to both prevent and cure this increasing problem.



heidi said...

That is really interesting how it is increasing even more so than peanut allergy. Wonder why!

Laane said...

I've had it all my life.
I can't eat fresh fruit or vegetables.
Some need to be cooked, not to cause a problem.

LadyBanana said...

I had a patient who told me about this recently and she also said when they were cooked it was OK as this changes the chemical composition or destroys the pollens on them.

Lynda Lehmann said...

I once had a period of severe reactions to imported oranges. Swollen lips each time I ate one!

And it hasn't happened since that one month, when it happened numerous times. I think it may have been the fungicide.

I didn't realize it's becoming a widespread problem.

Sharkbytes said...

I think the increase is because babies aren't being fed "real" food. Their systems just don't ever get used to recognizing them as acceptable. Just my 2 cents.

Also re: recent news coverage of many with peanut allergies being cured by being given minute doses of peanut and gradually building a resistance (not to be tried without medical supervision!)

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LadyBanana said...

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Kloggers/Polly said...

Thanks Lady Banana, I'll be right with you and pleased to join!!!!

noelani78 said...

I can't eat any fresh fruits or vegetables at all without vomiting. I used to when I was younger but not anymore. My worst enemy is watermelon, I'll vomit by just smelling it. So I have to be in another room when my family eats it. Wow, so I'm not alone in this. Never knew it could be an allergy. Thank you for this article.