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Painfully prickly hairy hobby

Quite a few years ago whilst visiting a nursery or some would say garden centre, my son stopped by the cacti section. We all looked at some of the more exotic array many having huge colourful flowers and most costing far too much money … My son had never been interested in gardening or plants but his eyes keenly scouted up and down the various strange and knobbly natural creations that stood before him. In the end I asked him if he would like to take one home and allowed him to choose one. The one that he finally chose was on the far side of the cacti display and was only a couple of centimetres tall … but it was covered in prickles and hair. The cactus has been in his bedroom ever since and has slowly and surely grown over the years. This is what it looks like today ……….

Cactus in centimetres Cactus in inches

The first picture shows the cactus in centimetres and the second shows it in inches … it has been transplanted just three times so far in its long, tall, life!


LadyBanana said...

Now that is one tall cactus! I had several cacti but only got 2 left now, I am not good with plants of any description which is a shame as I love having them around the house.

Contrariwise said...

Lol. I had a similar experience.

I'm not good at plants, and kill most of them. So I thought a small cactus would be a good option.

I've been unsuccessful at killing it. And my small cactus grew to a 3 foot phallic giant! No side arms. Just straight up.

heidi said...

wow! That is a very tall cactus and very cute! I would love to have something like that!

deejay said...

well, it is just a good signs that your son has 'green thumb' effect that any plants in his hands will definitely survives.

Kathryn said...

LOL, and what happened to mine? It died at about 8cm tall. Cacti growing FAIL.