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Irradication of the enemy - total blitz

I have had to resort to placing the gardenia in a black plastic bag or sack so that I can spray away to try and kill off the little bugs or mites that are killing off my plant. I liked the idea of trying to do this using something natural and so have mixed up a solution of washing-up liquid, lemon juice and tea tree oil. So far the plant has now received three heavy sprays and has been left dripping wet. It has been a good idea to contain it in the plastic bag as all of the loose drippings have been caught in this. I now have to play the waiting game to see whether the minute creatures have finally been obliterated.


Anonymous said...

G'day Kloggers.

Enjoyed your style of story telling. Great little stories about the ordinary little things that make up life. Great photos too!

Your header graphic is pretty impressive!


Anonymous said...

If it helps, I would try it. Springtime is time to plant anew, but these tiny creatures are disgusting.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Thanks for dropping by to my blog.
I'll be reading your thoughts on gardening and natural history from now on with great interest.