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Worcestershire is like an old tapestry – rich, ancient and complex in its make-up with wonderful names that are entwined in the mesh of its very detailed history. The names of its rivers and hills date back to the first people who walked and farmed the land well before its many invasions by warring warriors. Hills were just often called hills in the ancient tongue and so as various areas became invaded then a new word for hill would be added and so the title of the hill became in actual fact ‘hill hill’ – one version from each language.

Worcester is the largest town in the county of Worcestershire. Its people, it is believed originate from a tribe of people who were linked to the winding river and it is alleged were called the Weogora tribe. The town centre was known as Wirecestre around the time of The Doomsday Book.

The weather in Worcestershire today:


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