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Spider plant

I have grown Spider plants for years. It was not until two years ago that I decided to plant one in an outside tub for extra foliage. To my surprise this soft houseplant survived the Winter and remained growing in the pot outside. The following year I added a few more here and there and this year I have put them into the hanging baskets. They are probably the most easiest of all houseplants to grow as they throw off a long stem or two which has little white star like flowers bloom as these little flowers die off, tiny little plants begin to sprout on the stem. These are best left until they are a few inches tall, by which time the root buds can be seen on many of them. Gently break them off from the parent plant and place in a jam jar with a little water and the roots will grow at tremendous speed. The little plants can then be added either inside or outside the house.

Spider plants are a very useful addition to the family home as they have an ability to remove the toxins created by raw wood helping to create a more healthy environment.

Spider plantSpider plant … in the garden

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